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Provide informative, curated, cutting-edge health & wellness webinars for any adult health & wellness platforms or older adult communities... so they discover new, useful ways to optimize their health.

My Story

I coach and mentor older adults to connect with their purpose, boost their energy, and achieve balance in mind and body.

Years of working with older adults have shown me how difficult it can be for us to feel awakened to our power within to live the vibrant life we deserve. Combining my nursing experience, functional nutrition diploma, and certified training as a health & lifestyle coach, I have been developing teaching materials to improve the quality of life for the 50+.

Over the last few years, I have presented courses on over a dozen different topics to thousands of adults in the US, UK, Australia, India and Canada. I am also a multi-bestselling author, currently with 7 published books, all geared towards healthy and inspiring living.

Challenges for Older Adults

The last few years have brought longstanding problems for the older adult community to the forefront. We can now all appreciate how isolation, lack of purpose, and chronic health conditions affect our physical and mental health.

However, it remains difficult to find current and credible information targeted to their specific age group and concerns, and the information that is out there does not always speak to them in an easily understandable format.

 My Solution

My experience working with older adults  has given me a unique insight into what keeps us healthy and vibrant into our older years:

  • Curated information with delivery tailored to older audiences
  • 'Live' classes with genuine interaction and participation
  • A holistic approach considering the 7 dimensions of wellness - social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual, and physical

These  programs can be delivered virtually or in person, and are always live, never recorded. They have also been fine-tuned based on feedback from thousands of adult learners.

I am also able to deliver programs on custom topics or subject areas, based on the needs and requests of specific audiences.

Course Offerings


Optimal Brain Health

Brain Health

Improve brain function and minimize your risk of dementia


7 Healing Foods

7 Healing Foods

What makes certain food healing, including 7 simple recipes


Create Morning Routines

Creating Morning Routines

For increased energy and purpose


Detox your Home

detox your home

For better health and longevity


Loving your Heart

loving your heart

5 Ways to show your heart love and improve heart health holistically 


Nutrition Basics

Nutrition Basics

What is different about nutrition for older adults


Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies

For 7 common ailments that can trouble older adults


Food Lifestyles

Food Lifestyles

Todays top food trends and how to create your own food plan




Management and Relief


Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes

Management and remission


Improving your Longevity

Improve Longevity

And quality of life


Optimal Eye Health

Optimal Eye Health

To protect and strengthen your vision

Budget, Timeline and Deliverables

Vibrant Living Courses are charged a flat rate per seminar.

Each session includes:

  1. 1
    One-hour live classroom session, delivered either in-person or virtually (via Zoom) for up to 100 learners
  2. 2
    15 minute dedicated Question & Answer period
  3. 3
    Handouts and Worksheets personalized for your audience

Package deals and custom options available:

  1. 1
    Discounts for 6 or 12 course packages,
    with flexible schedules (weekly, biweekly, or monthly)
  2. 2
    Development and delivery of customized Health & Wellness seminars
  3. 3
    One-on-One 90-day coaching or mentoring programs

Not sure which seminar to choose?

Connect with me so we can determine the best one for you!