Tired of Days Without Direction and Looking to Take Your Life from Mundane to Inspiring?

I’m here to help you make your life easier, meaningful, and more rewarding so you can savor life to its fullest!

If you would like to accomplish something, you must first expect it of yourself. -  Wayne W. Dyer

We all deserve to live our Best Life at any age

Partnered, or not. Married, or not, many of us feel stressed and overwhelmed especially as we age.

When I was forced to retire early from my full-time career due to overwhelming stress in the workplace, it took me over eight months to resolve symptoms of stress that affected my body, mind, and spirit.

I felt exhausted most days, had no focus, and honestly, I didn’t know what to do with my days that turned into weeks…

Yes, I figured out how to live on less money, but was this what my life would become in my later years?

I'm Ravina, and I'll be your Mentor...

As my own family began to age—being the only daughter, I faced many challenges, juggling personal wellness while looking after family members, trying to manage it all. 

From my experience, I now dedicate my time to coaching and mentoring those desiring to thrive with a happier, healthier, more connected future.

As your Personal Wellness Coach, let's have a chat and gain clarity on what your next steps will be.

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan.  And guess what they have planned for you?  Not much. - Jim Rohn

What clients say...

Amy R

Business Owner - Kelowna, BC 

Working with Ravina has been transformational!

Ravina knows how to get to the real issue and helps you work it out. She guided me to create action steps to reach my goals and helped keep me be accountable. If you are looking to get results, Ravina is the wellness coach you want to work with. She was attentive, listened to my health issues, and worked with me to plan a strategy to get the results I wanted.

my mission

To Help You Awaken and Transform to a Vibrant Life

I left the comfort of my full-time career to focus on empowering those wanting ‘vibrant living’ for themselves, especially if planning or shifting into retirement.

My formal studies to become a Functional Nutritionist, Aging in Place Specialist, and Health & Life Coach, along with my Nursing Degree, have consolidated my mission to create a clear and enriching path to a stronger, brighter, more sparkling you!

I am the founder and director of Simply You - Habit Change & Lifestyle Coaching and multi-bestselling author.

I offer three individualized, 90-day transformative coaching programs, a health & wellness webinar series, and several vibrant living online courses covering topics related to all aspects of wellness and healthy aging.

With Gratitude,


Ready for a Shift?

Discover your true self so you can effortlessly shine your light. My dedication and skills as an author, coach, and mentor will help guide you to the joyfulness and harmony you desire.
Let’s begin, shall we?

  • An extraordinary life starts with self-care. Discover three uncomplicated actions to begin today, to positively impact the life you deserve.
  • Are you ready for meaningful change?  Let me help you find the strength and authenticity you crave...
  • Change starts with a single step. That step is as simple as scheduling your free Clarity call to learn if I am the right person to help you make the difference only you can make.