I coach you because I CARE about you
I challenge you because I BELIEVE in you

I coach you because I CARE about you,
I challenge you, because I BELIEVE in you, 

So you can AWAKEN your power within to achieve the life you desire!

Make a Real Change

Discover how coaching can help you create the conditions for inevitable success by incorporating the right plan, support, and accountability to have the life you want.

What's holding you back?

Loss of Purpose

You feel lost and unsure about the next chapter in your life. You have no direction and don’t know where to start.

Low Energy

You wake up tired. You have trouble sleeping and always feel like you’re one step behind. 

Food Cravings & Sensitivities

You are eating the wrong food, and not sure why. You’re sick of feeling bloated and uncomfortable in your own skin.

Out of Balance

You are chronically stressed and don’t even know it. You feel unsteady, emotionally charged, and something is just not right.

Transform 'How you do Life'

Feel awakened to your most authentic self, taking charge of your life and health without compromising what truly makes you happy. 

create your vision 

boost your energy

optimize your nutrition

support your


Meet Ravina...

Hello, I am Ravina Chandra, a Wellness Coach and author of three #1 bestselling books, including Longevity and Eating Habits.

I’ve been mentoring individuals to improve one’s health, take charge, and strive for wellness. With a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of British Columbia and a Functional Nutrition Diploma from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, I have a uniquely holistic perspective on wellness that drives my clients to success personally and professionally.

Certified as a Health and Life Coach, I specialize in helping men and women who are stressed and overwhelmed for various reasons. It may be corporate burnout, financial pressure, or dealing with lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, or obesity...

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What Clients say...

Troy A

Business Owner - Grand Rapids, MN

Ravina's sessions were extremely powerful

I am so grateful for Ravina's support and genuine care for my life - helping me get back on track with all that is important to me and my family.  Each week builds on the week prior, and before I knew it, things started to come into place, and my life was filled with more energy and purpose.  I was able to create positive habits that are who I am now. You won't be disappointed working with Ravina.

Mel S

Business  Owner - Irvine, CA

The best decision to coach with Ravina

Working with Ravina has been a great experience and the best decision for my physical and mental health. I learned about Ravina after a friend recommended her book, Longevity and Eating Habits, which is encouraging and simple yet informative and practical. Even as someone with a background in coaching and mentoring others, I am amazed by how her approach keeps me focused on the things that are important to me and helps to create the life I know I want. I am more energized and connected to my purpose, and I look forward to continued coaching sessions with Ravina.

Vee P

Personal Assistant -  East Lansing, MI

Ravina's skills helped me reveal my true self

From the moment I started coaching with Ravina, I felt at ease and in the right place for growth. Her friendly nature calmed me from the start, and her genuine interaction empowered me to be my authentic self.  She truly is amazing! In such a short period of time, I feel more energized, less anxious, and more focused on figuring out my life. The progress I have made I attribute to our work together.

what are you waiting for?

Make a real change now!

In your clarity call, we will uncover where your everyday choices, habits, and behaviors have held you back and clouded your vision.

Learn how my coaching can help you create the conditions for inevitable success by incorporating the right plan, support, and accountability to make the changes you desire with your life and health.

Whether you are looking for a smoother, more successful transition into retirement or preparing ahead for retirement and want to balance life before you get there, I can assist you.